Never judge a person by his looks

Buddhi Chaudhary


Once upon a time, in ancient India, there was a king. He was rich and wise. He had everything. He had huge amount of wealth, gigantic palaces with rich arts and architecturally decorated. Lands. Thousands of carts. Elephants. Horses. Cows. He had seven wives but, unfortunately, no children. “I have everything but no children. Who will take my palace after me?” He used to wept every morning and evening. His wives also had no idea, how to give him babies. Problems weren’t in wives but, king himself. He was barren. He worshipped many deities and god asking for the kids. But, no deities and god listened him.

Time passed on. Years after years, luckily, his seven wives conceived babies in their womb. King was overjoyed. He was worshipping all the home deities and Gods as gratitude for full-filling his wishes. Giving wealth to the poor. Sweets to the children of the city.

After nine month later, the queens gave birth the princes. While other sixe queens gave birth to the human, the youngest queen had a huge snail. King was very angry with his youngest queen. Disgusted. He was abhorred her by telling a witch. He built a hut near by the jungle and put her into it. Sadden. Crying, the queen took a snail baby on her hand and went to the dense of the jungle and resided in the hut king had built for her.

While the king was living happily with his other six queen and  newly born princes, the youngest and poor queen cried whole day and night keeping snail baby on her lap. She was hating her fates. “I got a baby but, I couldn’t even feed you like other mothers. I want to lay you on my chest like other but, I can’t do it, even. I want to play you, sing songs for you, dance you on my lap. But, where is my luck.” She would weep all day and night sadly. “Oh. Gods of the world. Deities of the houses. Why me?”

As we know, all conditioned things are impermanent. Things exist and disappear. Time went on, years later, her sadness started to cease away tediously. She stopped crying. She started smiling. Playing with her snail baby. She would sing for it. She would dance it by putting on her palm. She began to love her snail baby affectionately.


There were days, she would lay by the fire-flame, putting a snail baby on her chest and sing for her snail baby. Sometimes, she would fall into sleep unknowingly, while singing lullabies. Surprised to my eyes. Surprised to your eyes. When a mother queen fall into sleep deeply, a snail baby got out of the snail shell and become a most handsome prince of the city. The prince went to kitchen and eats all the cooked foods and deserts, queen cook. After going around the hut, playing the pots, staring at her mother’s sad and unlucky face, he entered inside the snail-shell again. After the deep sleep, the queen woke up and found her snail baby sleeping on her chest. Smiled, the queen put her child on the bed and goes to the kitchen to eat something and found empty rice ports and deserts. Surprised, the queen thought. “Eh. Where are all the foods? Who did eat all the foods? Who did come here while I was sleeping?” She walked to and fro inside the kitchen. Asking hundreds of questions, she came back to room and slept. Snail baby prince looked at her mother’s confused face and smile alone inside the shell.

Thus as, the prince started coming day by day out it shell and eat all foods, threw all the clothes out of the room, make dirty all around the room and enter inside the shell while mother queen sleeps. Mother Queen was very much surprised. ‘Who is doing it? Who is eating my foods?” She wanted to catch a person who eats her foods and make dirty the room. She wanted to know.

One day, as usual, she did lie on the bed and closed her eyes but didn’t fall into sleep in order to catch the thief. After few minutes later, surprised to her eyes, the snail baby prince came out of the shell and stood up in front of her eyes and started looking around – then went to the kitchen and started eating foods, throw all the clothes, jump on it, on the bed and blankets like other little kids do – came near her mother, stared her face sadly and entered inside the shell again. Mother Queen also was very happy. Thus, she started to look her baby prince every day.

One day, a thought arise on her mind. She thought “What, if I throw the shell into the fire while my boy is in kitchen eating?” And, as usual, she did lie on the bed. When the prince got out of the shell and went to the kitchen, she threw the shell into the fire and slept like nothing had happened. The shell burnt. After few minutes the prince came back, did all the usual games he used to play and came near his mother. Unfortunately, he didn’t find his shell and sat on the floor thoughtfully. Mother Queen opened her eyes and took her son into the chest affectionately. She cried and cried happily.


When the king heard the news, he told the guards bring the Queen and prince back to the palace and started taking care of them like other queens and princess. Jealous queens didn’t like it. They thought their princes to bully the youngest prince. The princes started telling him snail prince. Ugly prince. Dirty prince. They wouldn’t take him anywhere. When he would ask to go with them, they would kick him telling ‘you dirty snail.’

Thus as, one day, all the princes started to go to the jungle for hunting. When the youngest prince asked to go with them, they kicked him. But, the prince went after them hiding. The other six prince stopped near a small tree and started plucking it up but couldn’t. They tried again and again but couldn’t even shake it. The youngest prince came behind and pushed the tree off. The tree plucked up and big hole appeared. The princes knotted the rope on the tree and put the rope inside when the youngest looked at them surprised. They decided to go inside one by one and whenever have problem, just to shake the rope.

Thus as, all the princes entered one by one, inside the cave while, warning the youngest prince not to follow them but, he didn’t seemed to care their words. The prince also followed his brothers. They went down and down. Hundred feet down, they found a beautiful river. There was a beautiful princess sitting on the bank of the river. The princess liked the youngest prince. He took the prince on his hand and walked on the bank of the river. While, walking, they saw hundreds of mouse on the river. When the other princes refused to save the mice, the youngest prince saved all of them because; he knew that these mice will help them to get out of this cave.

Hours and hours later, the princes decided to get out of the cave and go back to home. Unluckily, the rope had been fallen down and the cave door closed. The other six princes started to cry. They cried and cried while; the youngest prince looked at the cave door thoughtfully. Looking for the ways out of the cave. At the same time, the mice appeared making the hole. The prince jumped up happily. “I found the way. Come on brothers. We can go home.” He took all the brothers and beautiful princess on his hand. The other six princes looked at his brother surprisingly. The youngest prince started going up by putting his foot on the hole made by mice while other princes and princess followed him. After several minutes later, they got out of the cave safely. All the princes hugged their brother happily.

As soon as reached the palace, they narrated all the incidents happened and the way, their brothers saved all the princes lives logically.

The king was very happy. He remarried to his youngest queen and the youngest prince married to that beautiful princess.

They cooked many foods. Thai foods. Japanese foods. Koran. Chinese foods. They invited me too.






Lay your foundation first to be Happy later


Teaching is one of the most difficult task as well as, there are no happiness than sharing the acquired knowledge or the things that we have learnt and experienced ever before, with others. Buddha says it is one of the greatest (Dana) offering. Material offering brings temporary happiness. While, sharing knowledge brings ultimate happiness. Inner and outer. Both, I should say.


During these days and ages, I was teaching Buddhism and qualities of Buddha’s teachings for the better life to the little growing-up-kids in southern parts of Nepal and it brings me so much happiness. Even though, it is so much glee to teach them, there are few difficulties, I face while teaching them Buddhism and it’s qualities for better life to these kids. They are;

  1. Non-Buddhist followers
  2. Kids without education
  3. With different cultures, traditions and languages and
  4. Lack of moral teachings and motivations from adults.

As I experienced and thought, it is one of the biggest loses for the Nepal. Whenever, we see to the world, a society and country which has succeeded in making great progress is one which has made a good preparation by laying a strong and excellent foundation for its members since childhood; that is, from the very minute they were born to the age of six. During this period, certain sorts of human cells develop. The child can be brought up with a clear understanding of and be ready to receive, some very important inputs such as righteousness, morality etc.

21039542_1919891831583596_1534591945_n (1).jpg

A child in this period could be compared to the jack-fruit. When we grow it. Take care it properly. Water it every day. Protect from outer harms. Six months later, there could get fruits. A beautiful. Tasty jack-fruit. Buddha says ‘as you saw seeds such the grains are.”

If we won’t take care of it properly. Let it grow its own and own. Cut all the branches every time. Every day. Its growing cells will be died. Vanished automatically. Finished. Gradually, it will be died.

Thus as the kids. Six years old is the ages to experience both good and bad. Once a kid experiences good, the qualities of life will be good, which would be the firm foundation of the growing society and country. If he or she experience bad thoughts, deeds or actions and teachings from parents or adults, he will be faced to the negativeness in life or the qualities of life will be bad. Hard. Unprogressive. Both his own life and the society where, he lives.


Children are seeds for future generations. It is very important to bring them up with good moral qualities, good cultures and traditions and give them quality education. Education that not just help to develop materialistically but morally and spiritually too.

What I experienced here is lack of those qualities in these kids. Lack of quality educations. Lack of moral and spiritual teachings and motivations from the adults (parents) and teachers. They hardly recognize, what is really means saying hello and thanks? Why do we have to respect to the adults (Parents)? Why do we have to warship the Buddha? What is the benefits of chanting, offering flowers, incense and lighting candles to the Buddha (it might be Buddha or Hindu Gods)?


Gratitude? Hardly could be seen in these kids. Once a monk gives them chocolate and biscuits to eat, next few minutes later, they accuse him back saying bold-headed man, elephant (if a monk is fat), pygmy (if he is short monk) and some other slang words.

Who is responsible for this? These kids or the educations, moral motivations and spiritual teachings, they are receiving from their parents, adults and schools?

It is a big question to answer and gigantic problems to solve.


Struggles for Life

It was raining heavily. The bus station has been flooded. People were walking here and there like wetted dog in the compound. Some were sitting on the benches inside the station. They were talking each other. There were many sorts of talks. Most of them were complains. Rains. Roads. Buses. About people. As I understand.
Hence, I was alone. I had not to complain. I don’t like. I do complain about politics. Sometimes? Sometimes, when I read news on the papers. Latest incidents. Irrational. Illogical. Corruptions and other matters.
“Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu” a boy cried loudly “where are you going sir?”
“Kathmandu” I replied in short
“Come here sir” he said anxiously. He was looking at other people and then to me. His face was not focused. Focused on one person. He wanted to grab. All the people and put them on his bus. Sounds funny. Funny the truth most.
“I have ticket” I said.
“What time Sir?”
“The time your bus start” I said sarcastically showing the bus ticket that he had given me in the morning saying lots of lies. Bus is this. Bus is that. Bus has this. Bus has that. Is it sounds like complaining? Nay. Think not so.
He looked wired at me. It sounded wired. I mean my sentence. He walked towards the other group of people. I smiled silently.
Bus has been arrived. I did not had anything to put inside or top of the bus. Hence, I arose on the bus and sat on the exact seat. My seat was near the window. I like it. I love to see out of the window while sitting on the bus. I imagine. The things. Dreams. Hopes. Ambitions. Sometime beautiful girls. Girls? Don’t laugh. I mean “Don’t think so much.”
“Chatpate Chatpate Chatpate”
I heard the voices somewhere. Behind the bus. I ever ate chatpate when I was kid but I had forgot it. Confusion.
Two boys were coming towards the bus I was sitting. They were carrying a big and heavy wood-box. It was filled with many goods like potatoes, chilies, onions, garlic, rice and tomatoes etc.
“Sir Chatpate?” a boy asked. He is tall. Black in color and thin. Looked handsome too. Handsome than me.
“Sir. It is not tasty” said another boy who was coming behind a tall boy. A short. He was black in complexion though. “I will make for you a tasty one”
“What is that” I murmured myself and looked both them curiously.
“Get the……….of man” a boy cried to another boy “I will make for you a tastiest chatpate sir. If it is not tasty, you can return me back. I’ll return your money back too”
“Hmm” I responded with the hmm sounds which implies unhappy mood. Anger. Upset. Dis-satisfactions.
Taller boy made it and put on my hand quickly. I took it and tried a little. It was salty. But I liked it.
“You see” a short boy said laughing “I told to sir”
I smiled.
“Get the heck out of here” a taller boy cried “more sir?”
“No. Thank you” I said smiling
A short boy turned towards a taller boy and put his tongue out of his mouth and saw at him jokingly “want more.”
A taller boy kick on his ass with his long leg and blamed. He was blaming in Avadhi language. I did not understand. Bad words? I guess. I don’t know. Maybe.
Bus started. I put my head out of the window and said loudly.
“It is very tasty” I smiled “thank you”
Bus moved on making loud sounds on the road. I put my earphone on my two ears. An audio book started speaking but thoughts about those two boys were still running through my mind. “Appreciate you guys” I murmured myself and waned my head right tow left gleefully “though the small work, you are struggling.”

No Face


Patrick W. Marsh

Closure. Connection. Comprehension. I’m not sure if these are the perfect words for what I want out of myself. They just look safe. They just seem like the type of diction people find in their lives that makes them understand what they’re all about. I’ve hated people for it. Knowing themselves, understanding their limitations and aspirations. I’m not sure how anyone can actually know these things about their life. The world, reality, it constantly flows like some secret river in a haunted cave with a ghoul fishing it. You never really understand it. Chaos appears. Happiness too. They swing back and forth like that pixel-forged pendulum from the intro to Chrono Trigger. This is the nature of our existence.

I guess I just get jealous of other people because they appear to have control. They present this illusion that they have the answer to every question life will throw at…

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Chiang raI Province that I visited


While participating for the seminar concerning about the Buddhism, it’s problems while practicing and resolutions, with my colleagues ASEAN BUDDHIST COMMUNITY (ABC) members, from twenty three to twenty four of this month, I had good opportunity to visit Chiang Rai province a lonely planet in northernmost part of Thailand. It is bordered by the Shan State of Myanmar to the north, Bokeo Province of Laos to the east, Phayao to the south, Lampang to the southwest, and Chiang Mai to the west. Though, I had heard a lots about Chiang Rai province, I never been there. The average elevation of the province is 580 metres (1,900 ft). The north of the province is part of the so-called Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Burma converge, an area which prior to the rise of agricultural production of coffee, pineapple, coconuts, and banana plantations, was unsafe because of drug smuggling across the borders. The Mekong River forms the boundary with Laos, the Mae Sai and Ruak River with Burma. Through the town of Chiang Rai itself, flows the “Mae Kok” Kok River and south of it the Lao River, a tributary of the Kok.

While the eastern part of the province is characterized by relatively flat river plains, the northern and western part consist of the hilly terrain of the Thai highlands with the Khun Tan Range and the Phi Pan Nam Range in the west and the Daen Lao Range in the north. While not the highest elevation of the province, the 1,389-metre (4,557 ft) high[2] Doi Tung (“flag hill”) is the most important terrain feature. The Wat Phra That Doi Tung temple on top of the hill, according to the chronicles, dates back to the year 911. Nearby is the Doi Tung royal villa, former residence of the late princess mother (mother of the present king) Somdej Phra Srinagarindra. Thanks to her activities the hills were reforested, and the hill tribes diverted from growing opium poppies to other crops including coffee, bananas, coconuts, and pineapples.

For the first time, when, I saw the place with my own two eyes, I could not imagine beauty of it. The mountains, lands, rivers etc could be compared to the beauty in the country like Switzerland.


The Golden Triangle (สามเหลี่ยมทองคำ), locally called “Sop Ruak”, is where the Mekong meets the Ruak River and also where the borders of three countries, Laos, Burma, and Thailand, converge. There are the remains of ancient structures attesting to the area having been long-settled.


Chiang Saen (เชียงแสน): an ancient town which once served as the main town before King Mengrai established Chiang Rai as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom in 1262. Traces of old double city walls and many other antiquities still remain in and outside the district town. The attractions include Chiang Saen National Museum (พิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติเชียงแสน), Wat Phra That Chedi Luang (วัดพระธาตุเจดีย์หลวง), and Wat Pa Sak (วัดป่าสัก).



Mae Fah Luang Art and Cultural Park (Rai Mae Fah Luang) is in Pa Ngiw Village, about 5 kilometers from the city center. It was founded by the late princess mother, who bought a 140 rai plot to set up a center for developing the youths from rural areas under the supervision of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation. The garden is a park cum museum preserving Lanna cultural objects.



Doi Tung  is a revered mountain which includes the Doi Tung Palace and the Mae Fa Luang Flower Garden. The Wat Phra That Doi Tung Holy Relic, an old religious site on top of the mountain, is about 2,000 metres above sea level.


Having Green Tea at Doi Tung 







Relaxing Fresh Air at Doi Tung


Inhabitants of the district are very kind. They are very friendly. When they talk each other, use very polite and lovely words, father and mother to the older people, brother and sister to the elder than themselves, which is very rare to see in town. Their smiles define their purity in heart and mind. Their speech (speaking words) demonstrates or implies unity within diversity.


In the evening, we had an opportunity to see the Thai traditional dance which made me to be attached more and more to the Thais and its cultures.


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Remarkable Qualities of Buddha

By:-Buddhi Chaudhary


According to the original texts-resources, during his forty-five years life time, the Buddha has taught vast amount of doctrine for the well fare of the all conditioned-living beings. Going through the meditation that has taught by the Buddha and apply it for the day to day life, we should realize what the right ways is for it first. We should recognize the barricade, blockade and obstacles of the way. Whenever, we recognize this way precisely and rightly, then our ways to the realizations of the doctrine is more profound and clear. And it is easier to approach the goals of life or ultimate happiness (Nibbana).

First of all, we should have bit understanding the doctrine and marvelous or wonderful qualities of the Buddha, who the Buddha is and what he has, and then, we should move towards the ultimate goals of life or approach the ultimate truth. As well as, we must have good understanding about the four noble truths, eight fold paths, the concepts of rebirth, Buddhist-causality and three characteristics etc to have better practice in Buddhism or Buddhist meditation because this concepts are marvelous, wonderful, magnificent and glorious. We must have good recognition of those marvelous, wonderful and magnificent concepts or facts and through these, we must establish self-strength, self-confidence and self-faith within oneself. If-so-facto, we can step precisely and rightly upon the ways Buddha has cleaned for us to walk on.

That is the reason why, I am going to explain the signs of recognition the doctrine and qualities of the all knowing one and doors to step on ultimate truths where there we can walk silently and peacefully.

As we all devotees know that the enlightened one was taught the virtuous doctrine about forty-five years of his life time. Throughout those ages of every single second, he betaken, applied or engaged in preaching the doctrine for the benefits, boon, congenial and constructive health, wealth and happiness of the all living beings. After this virtuous service to the world, the Buddha passed away. Whenever, the deities, Brahmins and people came to know the passing away of the enlightened one, they became gloomed and grief expressing their faithful-sympathizes towards the marvelous qualities of the Buddha. Whenever, we try to imagine the situation of the times, we can feel and understand the honors he has earned from the deities, Brahmins and human beings through these faithful-sympathizes. Throughout the cremation of the Buddha, we have to see the honors that were bespoke, betoken, connote and denote by the devotees of the times.


They begirded, bandaged, convolved or coiled with five hundreds robes. Many people dismay to believe these sorts of stories. Demonstrating some logical, reasonable and rational argument that whenever we be-girdle or win round with five hundreds robes; his body will be extremely ample, capacious, or big. But that statement is unacceptable, not right because its premises are invalid or they compare the robes with present days robed that monks are using. Robes of those days were extremely acute, delicate, microscopic or penetrating. Such a clothes or robes, still we can find in India. Still they are producing those kinds of clothes to use in the religious functions or activities.

After that, they bathed the body of the Buddha with sandalwoods and oils and did bed, bestowed or lay upon the sandalwoods crematorium or funeral pyre to burn the body and candled or ignited it. Unfortunately body did not burn. They tried several times but aborted.

The Arahant and kings tried to burn the body of the Buddha too but, they also aborted. So the venerable Anuruddha, who is expert among the clairvoyant looked for the reasons of the incident through his divine power. Venerable Anuruddha saw Venerable Mahakassyapa the great is coming for the cremation ceremony and that is the reasons why, the body unable to burn. At the same time, venerable Kassayapa approached the crematorium place.

Determination of Venerable Kassayap-

On his way to the Kusinara where there the Buddha was fall his last breathe, for the cremation ceremony, Venerable Mahakassyapa meets many people with vivid color flowers like Parasathu and Madara etc on their hands heading towards the city. According to the literature, these flowers could be seen in the heaven individually. They could be grown in the heaven only. Those flowers were worshiped by the divine deities to the Buddha which were carrying the devotees. While, venerable Kassayap too looking to the people and walking towards the cremation hall, determined himself “Oh, if I could see the sacred foot of the Buddha”

Because of this determination of Venerable Kassayap, though the Arahant, kings and ministers tried to burn the sandalwoods and oily bathed body of the enlightened one could not burn. The most wondrous incidents of the moment is, whenever, venerable Kassyapa stepped near the death body and tried to bow his head down as a respect to the Buddha, the five hundreds of robes pulled automatically out and appeared his legs to be seen. Venerable Kassyapa’s wish also fulfilled.  Making amazed to all the participants for the ceremony, thereafter, the body started to burn itself. After few minutes, there were rains of the sweet smelling-flowers and honey upon the burning body of the Buddha which extinguished the flame.

There are thousands wonderful and marvelous these sorts of incidents in Buddha’s life times. Whenever the flame gone out, the participated monks, sages or priest, kings, ministers and devotees opened the burnt body to see, what has happened? Alas! Except first and last robes among those five hundreds remained un-burn and rest of them were burnt, including the Buddha’s body. There were some relics to be seen and those elements were divided in to eight parts.

Some of the relics are small and also there were other which is invisible. Those scattered relics were recognized as the elements of his forehead. Next relics were recognized collar bone and another were called tooth relics which are currently situated in Sri Lanka at Kandy mountain kingdom.

After seeing those relics, all the monks, nuns, kings, ministers and devotees became very sympathy and solemnity. They started to cry. “Alas! This is the man who has thirty two virtuous qualities and who used to make sounds like lion”s roars, isn’t it?”

In one hand, there were monks, nuns and devotees still crying, other hand kings and ministers were fighting for the relics saying “Thought there are many main cities but Buddha came to our city and passed away so the relics belong to us,” king Mallas expressed their appertained and ownership. About this quarrel, in Sanchi Stupa has been sculpted. The Brahman Drona wonderful among the wondrous other sages interceded, interfered or intervene the quarrel of those kings and ministers and divided the relics in to each groups. While dividing the relics, the Brahman hided three elements for him and others gave to the king, ministers and devotees. Among those relics, one he put in his cap cell or matted hairs. Another one put in his waist robes and the last one put under his legs and hided with flowers.

These incidents were looking by the participant deities from the up in the sky. While the Brahman was intervening or interceding the quarrel of the kings and ministers, Sakka came down and took one relics from the Brahman’s cap cell and built the golden pagoda in Tavatisma heaven.

The kings from the Nag (cobra or snake) world have been came to see the cremation ceremony. Jayasena was the king of that world. The king Jayasena took the relics which was hiding under Brahman Drona’s feet and built the golden pagoda to be worshipped by the “Virupakkha” snakes king. And relics hidden in waist robe of the Brahman were took by the devotees from the Gandharva kingdom and started to paying respect.

The left tooth relic was given to the kingdom of Kalinga, right collar bone relics to the local people and left collar bone was taken by the Arahant Suman. The left tooth relics kept by the local people hundred years and paid respect. Currently, the right collar bone relic is residing in the Brahman world. And the left collar bone relic was brought to Sri Lanka and sated upon the Thuparama Pagoda which is considered as the first pagoda in the country.

The protectors of this relic were by the venerable Arahants. The relic of frontal (forehead) was given to the venerable Sarabhu. He brought that frontal (forehead) relic to the Sri Lanka which was kept protecting generation to generation after venerable Sarabhu to venerable Chullapinda Patik Tissa. King Kakavanna Tissa built the pagoda in the city of Seruvila northern part of the country and sated the relics in it respectively. In present day, this pagoda was recognized as a Seruvila Pagoda where there the Buddha’s frontal (Forehead) relic is residing. Look how wonderful and marvelous the qualities of the enlightened one are. These wondrous qualities are not just stories to be said and listened. These all happened in ancient time two thousands and five hundred years ago.  There are lots of provable doctrines facts in the Tri Pitaka.

These are very few examples for the wonderful and marvelous qualities of the Buddha. Not only the wonderful incidents but there chastened, cleared, fleckless, immaculate and cleaned or pure doctrines too are realized and achieved or approached ultimate happiness (Nabbana). Due to these sorts of wonderful and marvelous qualities of the enlightened one, people started to like much and more and that was a problems to the non-religious people, especially south Indian.

Due to those invading from the south India, the relics faced to many troubles. The most dangerous was faced by the tooth relic which was situated in the kingdom of Kalinga country. Because of this invasion, there were many damages and harms to the relics as well as destruction or deprivation to the monks and temples where they resided.

During the 5th century, this situation was developed until 3rd and 4th century, it was not big problems. In this period Krishna and Vishnu’s teaching were over powered the country but whenever, in later period Savagism dominated the country, much and more damages and destructions began to occur. They destroyed Buddhist monasteries and pagodas, Buddha images were blown up or burst and burnt thousands of books. They killed Buddhist monks.

According to the historical evidences, during the 8th century, one of the acutest or cruelest heathen called Sankharacharya destroyed whole Buddhist monasteries, pagodas; Buddha images and killed or burnt thousands of monks putting inside one room. Whatever useful things there would be, he possessed it oneself of. He annexed or appropriated the Kanchi Pur Buddhist fortress to the Hinduism. These damages continuously, they did and that is quite long information. I should not mention about those information because we can talk about it according to the time or time to time.

While destroying all those Buddhist sacred places in India, they came to know that Sri Lankans are practicing Buddhism more deeply. They afraid, because of their misdeeds to the Buddhism in India, those Sri Lankan Buddhist will make trouble in back to them. During the 8th century, they composed a Ramayana to be recited the qualities and reincarnations of Vishnu and they made Sri Lanka as the abodes (Kingdom) of demons. They created the king of demons who abduct the wife prince Ram to the demons abode.

They made them feel that Sri Lankans are acting against the God Vishnu. They began to say that Sri Lankans are anti-God impious or sinful people. Killing to the impious and sinful is the duty of the righteous armies. And during the 9th, 10th and 11th century, they transcript all the Ramayana scripts from Sanskrit to Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages which was spoken by southern Indians. In every Hindu temples, they recited Ramayana. With these powers, during the 10th century, Rajendra went to Sri Lanka and invaded whole the country. From the 1017 to 1071 Sri Lanka worked under Tamil government.

At the time, he brought Hindu faith and astrological prophesies to the country. He did spread these prophesies among the all Sinhalese. Mean while, in the interim, king Vijaya defeated back the Hindu invasion and united the country again.

Thereafter the Kalinga Magha invaded the city of Anuradhapura and Polannaruwa and destroyed all the Buddhist monasteries, rich Buddha images and Buddhist libraries. He also killed the monks and devotees.

Mahavansa quoted about it thus as a “Mara who came to destroy the land of doctrine.’’ The best example for the above mentioned statements is temple of the God Siva. Normally, we say that it was continuously abided or existed about 2500 years. But that is not true. After the war with Kalinga and Magha, the Polannaruwa kingdom has been destroyed and disappeared due to isolations.   Until 19th century, the kingdom was enclosed with huge trees, grasses and it was the place home of the tigers, lions, bears and dears. No signs of humans.

But, due to wonderful and marvelous qualities, dignity and nobleness, demarche or principled in policies exemplary and role modeling characteristics of the Buddha, Buddhism still remained as it was its beginning.

Before this baneful or destructive periods, in Sri Lanka lived the great Arahants. This arahants often would fly with their celestial power to the heavens and again to the earth and would protect the relics of the Buddha.


The left tooth relic of the Buddha which was worshipped by the Nag king Jayasena was established at the bank of the Anoma River, on the Ramdhama pagoda where there the Nag king Mahakala used to bath. Later on that the left tooth relics of the Buddha was professed on the rivers stream and got by the Nag king. He and his followers protect the tooth relics many years. Somehow, that tooth relics also went to Sri Lanka and the king Dutthagamini established the tooth relics on the huge pagoda called Ruwanveli Saya. At the same time, building friendship with Nag king, venerable Mahinda brought the right tooth relics of the Buddha to the country.

Seruvila Mangala Rajamaha Viharaya

While everything was going good in the country, king Kakavanna tissa’s sister princess Somavathi got married to his own brother’s son prince Giri Aba. Few years of time, both of them resided at city of Magampura. Thereafter, they went to the Seru Nagaram (in present day, it is recognized as Seruvila city). The king of the Seruvila city accepted them happily. He built city named “Soma” at the bank of the river and gave it to the couple. They ruled the city happily and peacefully.

Wondrousness of princess Somavathi:-

Princess Somavathi has a strong desire to build the monasteries, pagodas and offer to the monks on the name of the Buddha. One day, the couple invited at the palace to the monks for the lunch and at the end of the ceremony, she expressed her desires of building monasteries, pagodas and offer to the monks. It was very essential or necessary to find the relics out for the pagoda to be established. That necessities fulfilled by the venerable Mahinda (above mentioned story) bringing the left tooth relics of the Buddha from the world of Nag. Thus, we could build the monasteries, pagoda and residence hall for the well fare of the monks, nuns and lay devotees. During above mentioned Kalinga Magha invasion this monastery and pagoda also had destroyed.

In 1940, monks from the Mavathu monastery know about this valuable pagoda and walked out to the forest in search of it. In this journey of searching the pagoda, they became a destitute or lost ones way. Gradually, time moved from morning to be night. At night 11.PM, they saw the brightening light dazzling from one side of the jungle. They walked towards the light. Few yards walking, they found a huge one eight hundred years old dazzling with brightened light pagoda. After this finding, the faithful devotees could worship. Comparing to other marvelous pagodas in the country, it has a valuable quality of radiation (According to time being, it is dazzle with wonderful Buddha’s radiation).

Last time, whenever monks from the Mahameuna Meditation Center built a nine inch Buddha image and bathed it with smelly water and flowers. They lighted the lamps and offered flowers to the Buddha image. When the ceremony was over, making surprised to all the participated faithful Buddhist devotees, the radiation of the Buddha was appeared around the image. After fifteen minutes dazzling, the radiation disappeared again. What a marvelous and wondrous qualities of the Buddha.

So, all the Buddhist faithful devotees, our attempt through this small article is to clarify or show the marvelous, wondrous and unimaginable qualities of the Buddha. Even though, the passing away of the Buddha was happened 2554 years ago, his wondrous and marvelous quality still appears time to time. Imagine, think, and contemplate, what a great qualities this amazing man had.

With this facts and information, the whole conditioned living beings should open the door, power, courage to realize the thousands of thousands worth doctrine that was taught by the Buddha.


Marxist Love

Buddhi Chaudhary



I often asked myself, when I see her two eyes whether she loves me truly or she is cheating on me. We meet through social media called Facebook and it’s been two years we love each other. There in our relationship are more demands of needs than romanticism that every couple like and deserve to. She likes to buy every cosmetic goods like creams, make up, skin care, lipstick and scent or perfume etc. When I dismay to buy those goods, she gets upset easily. Sometimes, she talks about motor bikes and another time, she says she want to buy car etc. Job, business and money are her main topics that she likes to talks often. I have tried to be romantic several times. She does not seem to get it. She still thinks that money is the most important things in life. I am so confused whether it is true love or business deals.

“Bob, I feel sleepy” she says “Can I sleep?”

“We did not talk since many days properly”

“We can talk tomorrow” she replied and kisses me “Now, I want to sleep”

I did not understand her behavior and her refusal. She has change a lot. She would not talk with me like other days would. Instead, she would say to me to go to shopping to buy her needs. When I dismayed to go with her to the shopping mall thinking, Money doesn’t come from the tree, she easily gets upset. She would throw her bag on the bed and sleep. Then I would feel sad. I would not feel anything to do. My heart and mind would dismay to go to work. Even though, I would go to the office, I would not feel to work. So I would keep staring at the computer screen. I could hear my colleague would say that I am in deep concentration to my work so should not disturb.

Time passed on. It was been long time we did not much have physically and mentally admirable relationship. We would live under one roof as two strange people. We would cook foods inside one kitchen and upon same stove but would eat two different places. She would eat inside the room and I would at kitchen. When I would ask her Mango Jam but she would give cheese. “Oh man, what’s wrong with you?” I would say angrily. “Nothing wrong with me”, she would answered and walk away. Thus we would quarrel even on small matters. We behaved and hated each other like cobra and python or viper.

Because of our Marxist love, I had forgotten everything. Even my birthday because of stresses, depresses and anxious of family life had overpowered upon me.

One fine day, it was June eight, when I came back to home from the office. The house was full of people and candle has been lighted every corner of the guest room. Slowly and reluctantly, I step inside the house. My girlfriend was not there to see. I look around among the people to search for her and find the reason out of this unexpected party. But she was not there. Anxiety arose within me but no one seems to pay attention to me.

“Bob” she said coming from somewhere “Happy Birth Day” She was standing behind me cake on her hand. She put the cake on the table and cut it. While I was looking at her astonishingly, is it a dream, she ice cake inside my mouth. “Thank you” I said and she gave me a quick kiss. I look around and saw my parents and parents in laws standing behind her. My father was shipping wine. They were looking so happy. They were smiling.

“Bob, I have a gift for you” my girlfriend said and put it on my hand. Gift was small parcel. Slowly I unwrapped the parcel. It was a book. I turned around and said surprisingly “Marxist Love and your book.” My girlfriend kisses me and insisted to read introduction of the book. When, I started to read my two eyes began to grow big. The more, I would read the bigger my eyes grow. Tear drops fall down unknowingly. “Why didn’t you say me?” I asked her hugging tightly.

“How I can say that I am suffering from cancer to the man who put me upon the Goddess Status?” she said half smiling and half crying “I know Bob, you loved me so much. You cared me so much.”

“What about the Marxism between use those few months?” I asked her

“I wanted to make you feel this all” she said childishly “few days later, will be my last breathe and that would be the memories for you which I leave.

I hugged her tightly and kiss her……………………………..